Fire Awareness

NOTICE: The Otero County Wildfire Protection Plan group is conducting a survey about fire awareness in this area. Please take a minute (it is very brief) and fill out the survey or contact the TDC office for a paper copy. Thanks for your help!

Go to the survey: Otero County CWPP Survey

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No doubt about it, the Southern Sacramento Mountains and the Lincoln National Forest are beautiful, serene, and peaceful. Away from the crowds, surrounded by wildlife and cool green pines and blue skies. However, if you do you live in the mountains, wildfire can pose a significant threat to your home and property.  As the climate changes, and forested areas become drier, and especially when the wind rushes up from the Tularosa basin and screams across the mountain range, it is wise to educate yourself about how best to prepare for the possibility wildfire.

Fires happen, whether intentional or unintentional. Anything can spark, and – if unattended – can quickly build into a fast-moving firestorm. Lightning. Sparks from ATV’s or heavy machinery hitting rocks. Carelessly tossing a lit cigarette out the window, or on to the forest floor. Electrical shorts. Campfires. Barbeques. Chimney fires. Firearms. Fireworks. Arson.

Below are some materials to help prepare yourself, your loved ones and your pets and your property in the event of a fire. And let’s be careful out there!

National Video: Ready! Set! Go! Program – Wildfire action planning.

Downloadable brochure: Ready! Set! Go! Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide.

Downloadable brochure: Living With Fire. Helping New Mexicans live more safely with the threat of wildfire.

Downloadable brochure: Firewise Toolkit – checklist for homeowners.