Timberon Golf Course

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The Timberon Golf Course is a 9 hole course situated in central Timberon at an elevation of 7150 feet. Many of the greens, and the driving range, have a 360° view of the Sacramento Mountain Range.
The Pro Shop opens Memorial Day and stays open through the Labor Day Weekend. A drop-box for greens fees is available ($10.50 per player) at the Pro Shop for off-season golfers.
Pro Shop Phone: (575) 987-2260
Operated by the Timberon Water & Sanitation District. Visit the TWSD Golf Course web page here.
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Beginning Golf Clinic!
The Beginning Golf Clinic was held Saturday, July 26th, 2014
at the Timberon Golf Course

The 90 minute class was taught by golf pro Steve Melby and included:

  • The various types of golf equipment and what they are used for.
  • The basic rules of the game and how to play it.
  • The basic of how to hold a golf-club and hit all the golf shots.
  • If you don’t have golf equipment, clubs and balls will be provided.

If you would like to get more information about the clinic, please call or e-mail the clinic director, Mr. Steve Melby at 505-401-8027 or smelbybt@msn.com Mr. Melby is a certified golf instructor with the United State Golf Teacher’s Federation.

For Information about future golf activities in Timberon, please contact Stu Iverson: Friends of the Timberon Golf Course.

A message from Stu Iverson (Aug. 1, 2014)
I am happy to report that we are experiencing an increase in the volume of paying customers at our Golf Course. This is primarily due to the fine efforts of a small group of volunteers and the on-going support of the TWSD staff.

One basic improvement that has helped increase use of the golf course, is the fact that the Pro-Shop phone is forwarded to our home phone, when the Pro-Shop is closed, so that we can accommodate folks wanting to play our course on weekdays.

We are having another meeting of Friends of the Timberon Golf Course on August 11th at 9AM at the TWSD Lodge. All interested parties are invited to attend. Of course we are always looking for additional volunteers, but also welcome comments and suggestions which may help improvements in the functioning of this valuable asset in our community.

An agenda for this meeting will follow within a week from this communication.
ed. note – meeting was held 8-11-2014, agenda remains for informational purposes
UPDATE:  Click here to view the meeting agenda.

Stu & Joan Iverson, 575-987-2687
For information about volunteering to help with the Timberon Golf Course, please contact Stu at (214) 868-9928,  or email at  Stu Iverson

Golf Course Meeting Minutes 8-11-2014
Download a copy here: Minutes of the Golf Meeting 8-11-14

Friends of the Timberon Golf Course Meeting 8-14-14
ATTENDEES: Ronnie Wyatt, Stu & Joan Iverson, Pete Jankiewicz, Frederic Alden, John Thorell, Kent Husingh
PURPOSE: To report on Results from Volunteer efforts and Promote new ideas for growth
Thanks were extended to Staff & Volunteers
INCOME: July, August & September of 2013, Pro-Shop Gross Income was $1,345. July, August (1st 10 Days) of 2014, Pro-Shop Gross Income was $2,138. We expect to more than double last year’s Gross Earnings for the 3 months of July, August and September.
• TWSD Budget for the Golf Course is $30,000 annually and any Pro-Shop earnings does not increase this budget item.
• Corp Sponsor money would go into TWSD’s Golf fund and does add to the $30,000 TWSD’s budget.
• Stu asked if TWSD has any amount for equipment repair. Answer was no.
• Ronnie confirmed that, if expenses were incurred, up to $100 a month would be reimbursed.
• Ronnie stated that the highest priority is that the greens would be watered and mowed.
• Cattle problem has disappeared.
• Signage from the 5th to the 6th Hole has been taken care of and Ball Washers are working.
• Golf cart security issue lock was broken. A new lock using a key is now in place. Cart Keys are now being kept in the Shop, rather than in the Carts. Two extra Cart keys and 1 extra Lock key are in the safe.
• We agreed to give the Pro Shop Key to Manager of High Country Lounge, if Cindy agrees, and therefore she can get the cart key and gate key when Pro-Shop is closed.
• We did have to turn away golfers twice, because all the carts were being used. On purchase of another golf cart, Ronnie will get additional information of purchase cost at the end of the Season. There is no budget for this, so we must be creative.
• We received donations from Cassandra Lockwood with SHAS Thrift Store of hundreds of golf clubs and balls. Stu has created 3 rental golf club sets and sorted about 100 “good” golf balls, selling for $.50 each. Stu has also marked “rental” golf balls with TR, increasing the return of these balls.
• Is Rest Room on Hole #6 working? Unknown. What does it need? Ronnie will let Fred & Pete know.
• New Steps were built by Frederic and Pete.
• Agreed to Post many contact phone numbers for when Pro shop is closed.
Dennis Fellows was taken off the list of volunteers. We have 6 people for the Pro-Shop and 3 people who help with the Golf Course itself. What can we do to get more Volunteers?
Can we get an intern for next summer? It involves use of the apartment and a salary and his/her work would nd to be defined. Ronnie will get the information on what is needed to set this up. What needs to be done to the apt to get it ready? Would volunteers help to do the work in the apt?
How would this be paid? Would this be viable for 2015 or 2016? John would schedule a field trip with Ryan Goss, Assoc. Professor – Turf Grass Sciences at NMSU to bring potential interns.
• John Thorell will take calls from the Pro Shop till the end of October. Ronnie will leave phone on till end of October.
• Inventory at end of season, all things are packed up and removed by John. Debbie Palmer will do inventory.

HOW TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS: A. If a call is received to reserve a cart, how do we prevent double booking? B. Cart #3 doesn’t back up and we agreed that we should call John Thorell for this type of repair.

• TDC has no budget for golf course support. Stu will ask that it be added to agenda for the next TDC meeting. Pete will look at TDC’s position on donation to TWSD.
• Ronnie will ask Beagles to be a corporate sponsor. Joan will go to local eateries. Who else has contacts?
• A Sponsor Brochure will be created. Pete will have Joyce email current photos of golf course to Joan. Joan will do brochure. Need to define and send to Ronnie and Pete.
• Joy was unanimously appointed as our Corporate Sponsor Representative.
• Benefits to Sponsors: Name on shirts, carts or golf balls, hats, on score card. Each Hole can be sponsored. Sponsors receive tax benefit.
• In Feb, Ronnie will request 2 pieces of equipment to be added to the State of NM ICIP under Capital Outlay (NM’s wish list) for the State to approve. Ronnie is not optimistic.
• Joan Iverson started FB page Timberon NM Golf Course and takes photos of all consenting golfers, who can then like the page and tag themselves. Joan is also collecting players’ email addresses to notify them of upcoming events. Joan also posts to Timberon NM about the Golf Course.
• We are posting Flyers at Circle Cross, Kat’s Mall, and Post Office.
• We agreed to order rubber stamp showing Pro-Shop Phone # & Timberon NM Golf Course page (on FB)
• Joan will review the many Timberon websites for updated information, Jessie Ducket (across from Sub Shop), John Ross (in Dell City) with inactive sites to have them taken down. Check on Nan’s website.
• Is there a comprehensive listing (Shantel) of lodging, need phone #
• Joan to give Southern Rockies (formerly 4 H club) our information.
• Post our activities to Chamber of Commerce of Alamogordo and any TV stations???, Local newspaper
• It was suggested that Flyers be posted at the Pool to interest kids in the activities at the Golf Course. Who is the Youth Booster? Questionable? Probably Shantel
• Suggested to establish FOOT GOLF which would have a field parallel to a fairway, 1500 yards. (See Pete) or Frisbee golf. May do season pass, or trade for work on course.
• Pete & John will talk about scheduling next event and setting an annual schedule within 1 week. It was agreed that we need at least 3 weeks advance to advertise an event.

MISCELLANEOUS: Pete asked: Are we active in the USGA system and do we have a member number?

(Previous) Golf Course Meeting Minutes 9-26-13
Download a copy here

Previous Meetings:
(initial) Golf Meeting 9-5-13