Timberon Golf Course

The Timberon Golf Course is a 9 hole course situated in central Timberon at an elevation of 7150 feet. Many of the greens, and the driving range, have a 360° view of the Sacramento Mountain Range.
The Pro Shop opens Memorial Day and stays open through the Labor Day Weekend. A drop-box for greens fees is available ($10.50 per player) at the Pro Shop for off-season golfers.
Pro Shop Phone: (575) 987-2260
Operated by the Timberon Water & Sanitation District. Visit the TWSD Golf Course web page here.
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Beginning Golf Clinic!
The Beginning Golf Clinic was held Saturday, July 26th, 2014
at the Timberon Golf Course

The 90 minute class was taught by golf pro Steve Melby and included:

  • The various types of golf equipment and what they are used for.
  • The basic rules of the game and how to play it.
  • The basic of how to hold a golf-club and hit all the golf shots.
  • If you don’t have golf equipment, clubs and balls will be provided.

If you would like to get more information about the clinic, please call or e-mail the clinic director, Mr. Steve Melby at 505-401-8027 or smelbybt@msn.com Mr. Melby is a certified golf instructor with the United State Golf Teacher’s Federation.

For Information about future golf activities in Timberon, please contact Stu Iverson: Friends of the Timberon Golf Course.

A message from Stu Iverson (Aug. 1, 2014)
I am happy to report that we are experiencing an increase in the volume of paying customers at our Golf Course. This is primarily due to the fine efforts of a small group of volunteers and the on-going support of the TWSD staff.

One basic improvement that has helped increase use of the golf course, is the fact that the Pro-Shop phone is forwarded to our home phone, when the Pro-Shop is closed, so that we can accommodate folks wanting to play our course on weekdays.

We are having another meeting of Friends of the Timberon Golf Course on August 11th at 9AM at the TWSD Lodge. All interested parties are invited to attend. Of course we are always looking for additional volunteers, but also welcome comments and suggestions which may help improvements in the functioning of this valuable asset in our community.

An agenda for this meeting will follow within a week from this communication.
ed. note – meeting was held 8-11-2014, agenda remains for informational purposes
UPDATE:  Click here to view the meeting agenda.

Stu & Joan Iverson, 575-987-2687
For information about volunteering to help with the Timberon Golf Course, please contact Stu at (214) 868-9928,  or email at  Stu Iverson

(Previous) Golf Course Meeting Minutes 9-26-13
Download a copy here

Attendees: Ronnie Wyatt, Bill Morrell, Arden Schug, Stu & Joan Iverson, Pete & Joyce Jankiewicz, John Thorell, Dennis Fellows, Kent Huisingh, Frederic & Joy Alden, Mike Rodriguez, Dave Eerkes

Purpose: To support the Golf Course with Volunteer Power,

Thanks were extended to

  • BF Adams  & Nan Thorell for posting the previous Meeting Notes and  Golf Course Video, created by Kirk Iverson on Joyce’s video camera
  • Work done on and for the Golf Course by Water & Sanitation employees, Ronnie, Bill and John
  • Pete Jankiewicz for volunteering to Schedule Tournaments and other events

Bringing Golf Course to Good Playable Condition and Maintenance:

  • Ronnie addressed problems concerning Keeping the Golf Course Watered and how this balances with the Water needs of the Timberon Residents.  Main source of water is the Springs.  Water availability is influenced by the winter snowfall, implementation of grants to replace infrastructure and getting new software to work properly. Ronnie will obtain a dollar amount to be set aside for updating heavy equipment and Cost of Renting Carts for events.
  • John lead the discussion regarding the need for additional/or replacement of  heavy equipment, provided research on cost of used equipment, reducing the areas needing mowing, adding sand traps and making the course more like a “Links” course. John will provide a Calendar of Maintenance Tasks from October to April. Pete will assist John with these tasks, with the idea towards taking the lead the following year.  Mike was volunteered by Pete to assist with Maintenance.
  • Cows on the course are an unresolved issue. Big BBQ was recommended a possibility.
  • Ronnie confirmed that there are 5 working Golf Carts.  Pete suggested charging an Annual Trail Fee for using another type of acceptable vehicle and renting additional carts for events.  It was also mentioned to increase the Golf Fees, which are now $10.50 for 9 holes plus $8.00 for a Cart and Ronnie has the final decision for this area.
  • Volunteers will be staffing the Pro Shop from mid-May to End of October and an active phone will be turn on with call forwarding and/or voice mail.  Pro-Shop’s Operating hours will depend on Volunteer participation.  Joan will begin a Staffing Schedule in April.  Ronnie will have the phone connected (beginning May), with a Call Forwarding Feature.
  • Mike and Pete will collect donated Golf Clubs for use as Rentals at the Pro Shop.
  • Kent volunteered to remove dead trees.  Some trees may be used to define cart paths
  • Cosmetic repairs, such as flag replacement and signage updating, was discussed.  Maintenance of Ball Washes, Cart Paths and Bathroom (6th hole) repair was also discussed (Volunteers Needed)

Scheduling of Events, Marketing, Advertising and Logistics:

  • Pete, who has successfully managed many Golf Course Tournaments in the past, will be drafting a Calendar of Events, Managing the Events.
  • Frederic will identify and review the web sites where the Timberon Golf Course is mentioned and/or missing.  Joan can use her time in the Pro Shop to update these sites.
  • Marketing Ideas (Volunteers needed to assist Pete)
    • Upcoming season to be marketed as a “Grand Reopening”
    • Post on “Bulletin”  Boards for different towns
    • Print and Post Flyers for distribution
    • Construction of a Substantial Stand-alone sign to put at CloudCroft turn off to Timberon
    • Events types mentioned were: Saturday Scrambles, Fins & Skins, Challenge (other Clubs)
    • For those who want to help out, but can’t do volunteer work, they can help by emailing their friends to talk about the improved conditions happening in the 2014 season and/or send donations to the upcoming Golf Course fund (see Fund Raising section)
    • Post a sign at the Pro Shop that A Tee Time and Cart can be reserved by calling Debbie at the Water Department and state the advance time needed to make the reservation.

Fund Raising:

  •  Joy suggested we establish a Golf Course Improvement Fund and Timberon Development Council was designated to collect donations for equipment and/or a Golf Course Web Cam.  Christie Braddick was volunteered to manage the funds.  Nan Thorell was volunteered to post and update a visual scale of funds collected.


  • Dennis will contact Sprint to determine if that company has plans to provide Cell Phone service in Timberon Area.

Subsequent event:

  • Stu obtained contact information for the owners of the Liquor License at the High Country Lounge.  Stu will contact these people to garner their support and preparations for future Golf Events.  He will also suggest The Lounge add a device to their WiFi, so patrons can use their cel phones there.


(Next Meeting to be determined)

Previous Meetings:
(initial) Golf Meeting 9-5-13