TDC Meeting Minutes

Timberon Development Council, Inc.

Minutes for February 10, 2018

Download a copy of the minutes here:TDC-minutes-Feb2018

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 am followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

The Agenda was submitted for approval by Rick. Motion made by Harvey to accept agenda as presented, 2nd by Herman.  Motion approved.

January 13, 2018 Minutes were submitted for approval by Rick. Motion made by Harvey to accept minutes as submitted, 2nd by Charlet.  Motion approved.

Charlet presented financial report. Motion made by Harvey to accept financial report and pay the bills, 2nd by Jay. Motion approved.

Old Business

Update on Welcome Center: Nan reported that there were 2227 visits to TDC and we now have 318 subscribers to the TDC website.

Need to purchase shelves for the backroom and see how much they help clear the area.  Then we can determine if we need the storage room for the larger items.

Webcam appears to be working properly; the problems may be from personal browsers, since the problems occur when refreshing. No additional action appears to be warranted at this time.

We are still working on getting a list of residents that can be placed on a weekly call list to provide interaction and welfare check.  Margie Abston and Connie Sealy have volunteered to start the calls once a list is organized.  Connie has also volunteered to provide meals if needed.  TDC will help get the list organized and will provide flyers and information as needed.

The 2017 federal taxes have been filed via 1099 e-postcard.

A committee needs to be formed to audit TDC’s 2017 financial reports.  We are still looking for different audit forms.  If none are found, we will continue using the old forms.

Conflict of interest forms have been signed by the board members.

We will no longer be pursing the Otero County Electric Coop Operation Round Up grant.  TWSD has other plans for the area we were considering for the nature trail.  We may in the future consider a different location.


The 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year.  We discussed which Saturday would be better to have our activities.  The majority agreed the Saturday before the 4th would be the best, June 30th.  We need everyone to consider what the theme should be this year.

TDC has been receiving several requests for assistance this year. Harvey made a motion that the request should be made in person by a representative of the organization making the request.  A form will be posted on the website that will need to be filled out by anyone making a request.  This form will be used to place the request on the upcoming agenda.  Jay seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

Shantel requested Jerry present a request to TDC.  Since there is still plenty of time for Shantel’s request, we will require her organization to complete the form that will be posted on TDC’s website and a representative from her organization present the request at a future meeting.

Paul Rule was present and was speaking as a representative of the Timberon Airfield Coop.  He presented a few projects that the Coop may need assistance with in the future. He advised that the tractor/mower that is owned by TDC and utilized by the Coop had to have several repairs done this last year.  The Coop took over the maintenance contract with the county.  He would like to see a “Barn Raising” to build a structure to keep the mower in. The Coop will have an election of officers at their next meeting on February 18th.  Future plans/issues include the straightening of Merlin Road, seal coating the runway, change classification from private airstrip, no grants are available for improvements.

Public Comments

Richard Rodriguez talked about the parks and possible clean-up of these areas.

Rick will speak with Paul at the county to see about utilizing the Correctional Group to help with the clean-up.

Harvey moved we adjourn, 2nd by Herman.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:37am

Submitted by Charlet Daniell

Next Meeting March 10, 2018 @ 10:00am