TDC Meeting Minutes

Download a copy of the minutes: tdc-minutes_Apr2017

Timberon Development Council, Inc.

Minutes for April 8, 2017, 2017

General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:14 am followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

The Agenda was submitted by Rick for approval. Harvey made a motion to accept the agenda as presented and seconded by Jay. Motion approved.

March 11, 2017 Minutes were submitted for approval.  Motion made by Harvey to accept the minutes as submitted seconded by Charlet. Motion approved.

Charlet presented financial report. Motion made by Harvey to accept the financial report and pay the bills, seconded by Jay. Motion approved.


Old Business

Update on Welcome Center: Herman has purchased materials for shelves and will complete them before TDC Welcome Center opens. Charlet and Margie will look for square, if not found one will be purchased before opening day.

Update on 4th of July Parade: There was discussion that TDC will head the parade, the theme will be Heroes. TDC will have 1st place with prize $150, 2nd place $100 & 3rd place $50 for the best original float. We will start looking for Judges. Also, there was discussion on getting different groups to participate in the parade. Flyers will be posted. Motion was made by Harvey for TDC to spear head parade with cash prizes, Herman 2nd. Motion approved.

Update on Audit Committee: No update available.

Update and discussion on Speaker Series: May 12 @ 1pm guest speaker TBD, flyers will be posted. Future guest speakers TBD will be on June 9 @1pm, July 14 @1pm, and August 11 @1pm.

Update and discussion on House Numbers: Charlet and Herman picked up house numbers and backing. House numbers will be passed out on May 13 at The Meet and Greet. Volunteers will be available for those that need help posting their house numbers.

Update on Taxes: Taxes have been filed.

Update on MRE’s: Harvey purchased MRE’s and delivered to TVFD. Charlet will purchase gatorade and snacks with $200 that was left over after purchasing MRE’s.

Update on Community Dinner: Community Dinner will be called Meet & Greet which will be a potluck held May 13, 2017 at TDC Welcome Center. TDC will be providing drinks and briskets which will be cooked by Pat.

Update on Land Committee: None.


New Business

Discussion and Possible Action on end of July Music Fest: Cindy discussed July Fest, planning on a one day event. Cindy will need help with how to pay for the bands; she will get her volunteer group lined up. TDC will try to help with funds. Name of event will be Mountain Music, DTB.

Discussion and Possible Action on Air Strip: Native Air came out to discuss fixed wing extrication. They inspected air strip and we need to address a few issues before they will come out to do extrications.


Public Comment:

Harvey made the motion to adjourn, 2nd by Herman.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am

Submitted by

Margie Abston

Next meeting will be May 13, 2017 at 10:00am