TDC Welcome Center Staffing

It is summertime – so is time to have the TDC Welcome Center open for visitors.
Walker & I staffed it the last couple of weekends.
Joy was graciously ‘womaning’ it this past weekend and Frederic will man it the last weekend of June.

The regular TDC meeting is this coming Sat …so we will be open at least a couple of hours, however, we really could use some help on Sunday and then of course, for the rest of the summer. We are only looking for a 3 hr/day commitment on non-holiday weekends & 4 hrs on 4th of July & Labor Day.

I know everyone is busy, but if you could help out a day or two this summer, it would be so appreciated.

Thanks so much.
Joyce Jankiewicz
eMail at
or give me a call at 987-2410