ATV and OHV in Timberon

An ATV is a popular method for getting around the dirt roads in Timberon, especially during the spring and summer seasons.  We have miles and miles of trails and primitive roads that are perfect for your off-road vehicles.

The paved roads are technically off limits to ATV traffic but we understand that you may have to use them to come and go from your residence.  Our local representative from the NMDGF recommends that, in Timberon,  ATV’s keep to the side of the paved roads, do not obstruct regular vehicle traffic, and keep two wheels on the shoulder of the road.

If you need to know where to ride, any of the residents or the business owners can point you in the right direction.  Additionally, there is a large map of the roads at the Timberon Development Council office (open on weekends).

More information about rules and regs for OHV’s can be found at the NM Game And Fish website.

Ride safe!