Tree Thinning

The New Mexico State Forestry provides a cost-share program for tree thinning, where they will reimburse a portion of your cost to clear your private land.  Please contact Rick Merrick at South Central Mountain RC&D (575) 937-1789 for more information on this program.

Let’s all work to maintain a healthy forest!

Are your trees healthy? Are they crowded? Are there any bug-damaged or pest-infected trees on your property? Can your trees breathe? Is there enough room at the top so they can get enough sunshine and moisture to be healthy?

Overall, Timberon has many small diameter trees that endanger the health of the forest. When they are crowded, the larger, more desirable trees have less water, which affects their ability to fight disease and insects. The last several drought years have increased awareness of the need to help the healthier trees survive and flourish. The overcrowding caused by too many trees reduces sunlight and consumes water necessary for the larger trees to recover and grow.

If the tops of your trees are touching each other, they have to compete with others and therefore present a possible risk for both pests and fire. The purpose of thinning trees is to reduce the potential for fire, reduce property damage in case of fire and promote the health of all trees in our beautiful forest for centuries to follow.

The future of our forest is in our hands and requires property owners to be wise stewards of our natural resources.

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