Timberon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Timberon

What kind of lodging is available for visitors to Timberon?
Homes and cottages for rent – Timberon Rentals (575) 987-2201
Hotel – Riverside Condominiums & Retreat (575) 987-2553
Camping – Circle Cross RV Park (575) 987-2651

Where can I buy groceries and gas or diesel?
Timberon New Village Hardware and General Store on Sacramento carries groceries (575) 987-2576
There is no gas or diesel available for purchase in Timberon at this time.

The High Country Lounge – Bar and Grill above the Golf Pro Shop (575) 987-2580
Connie’s Corner Deli – Pizza, subs, salads, shakes (575) 987-2224
Nonnie’s Restaurant at The Timberon Lodge – Full service restaurant (575) 987-2375

Where do the kids go to school?
The kids ride the schoolbus into Cloudcroft for public school.
Cloudcroft Elementary and Middle School
Cloudcroft High School.
Administration (575) 601-4416

What are the contact numbers for the utility companies?
Dell Telephone (575) 987-2500
Timberon Water and Sanitation District (575) 987-2250
Sierra Propane & Plumbing (575) 987-2385
Mountain Propane (575) 987-2365
Otero County Electric Co-op, Cloudcroft (575) 682-2521
For new construction: getting power to your lot, go to www.ocec-inc.com/content/new-construction

What kind of TV and internet services are available in Timberon?
Delcom Internet Delcom through Dell Telephone, and includes 6 levels of DSL service. (915) 964-2352 or (800) 245-2991.
Satellite Internet is available through Dish Networkand DirecTV/HughesNet 1-888-233-6738 Click here for service options, or visit the HughesNet website at http://internet.hughesnet.com
DIRECTV Dealer servicing Timberon DirecStarTV 1-877-423-3403

What kind of cell phone service is available?
At this time, there is no cell phone service in Timberon. Satellite phones are in use by some residents and local services in the area. Update: Nonnie’s Restaurant in the Timberon Lodge now has a cell phone extender set up for customers using the Verizon cell phone service.

Can I grow a garden in Timberon?
Timberon is located in Sunset Climate Zone 2A (Cold Mountain and Intermountain areas).
An excellent book about food gardening in this particular area is available here:
Growing food in the southwest mountains: A permaculture approach to home gardening above 6,500 feet in Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado and southern Utah

What kind of fruit can I grow in Timberon?
Apple, cherry, pear, peach and plum trees grow and bear fruit in Timberon, as do blueberry, raspberry, blackberries and strawberries.

What kind of wildlife will I see when I visit Timberon?
Mule deer and elk. Bobcat, lynx and an occasional mountain lion. Coyote, Mexican Gray Wolf (scarce) and fox. Songbirds, scavenger birds, ravens, and birds of prey including hawk, falcon, shrike and eagle. Black bear. Skunk, porcupine, raccoon, White-Nosed Coati. Snakes including rattlers, garter, and little bright green grass snakes. Lizards, skinks and mountain salamanders.

What kind of medical facilities are available in Timberon?
EMS and Ambulance is located on-site at the Timberon Fire Department.
Presbyterian Medical Service (clinic) in Cloudcroft. (575) 682-2542
The closest full service hospital is Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo which includes a Trauma Unit. (575) 439-6100
Helicopter medical transport insurance is available through Life Shield Alliance. (855) 896-9064
Yearly flu vaccines are available, and administered by a licensed practitioner at the Timberon Fire Station.
A veterinarian from Cloudcroft (Jennifer M. Green, DVM – Cloudcroft Animal Hospital) comes up once a year to administer vaccinations for household pets.

How are medical emergencies handled?
For a medical emergency, please dial 911. The dispatch operator will route it to the proper facility.

What about the weather?
First snow, usually occurs around Thanksgiving weekend, and is done and gone by May.
The first hard frost usually occurs in January, and ends Mid-May.
Winter temperatures here usually hover between 10 and 20°F (–12 to –7°C) at night, with drops between –20 and –30°F (–29 and –34°C) every few years.
June and July are sunny and warm. Rainy (monsoon) season begins at the end of July and goes through August.
Average annual precipitation for Timberon is about 30 inches (source: weatherdb.com)
Fall colors peak during September-October.

How are the roads?
The road from Cloudcroft (Sunspot Scenic Byway) into Timberon is completely paved. The county roads running through Timberon are being paved by the county on a long-term project. Side roads, and residential streets are dirt and rock. Steep roads are difficult to reach during winter and monsoon season, and a 4WD vehicle is recommended.

Who maintains the roads?
County roads in Timberon are maintained and paved by Otero County. Local roads are hard packed dirt/rock, and are graded as needed by a local contractor and the Timberon Water & Sanitation District. A street map is available at this link (county roads are marked in yellow) County_Roads_Area_E_2-Timberon

Do they plow the paved roads in and out of Timberon in winter when it snows?
Yes. Otero County will plow and deposit salt and cinder.

What kind of activities are available for recreation?
Timberon Golf Course – 9 hole regulation course (575) 987-2260
Swimming Pool – Timberon Water District (575) 987-2207
Horseshoe Tournaments during the summer (575) 987-2258
Timberon Fishing Lake (trout) (575) 987-2250
Timberon Blues Festival – held the last weekend in July (575) 987-2464

How is trash/waste handled?
There is no street side trash pickup in Timberon. Residents dump their household trash at the community receptacle, located at the corner of Sacramento and Pahuska. It is maintained by the TWSD, and the fees are included in your monthly bill (water and trash).
For ‘green’ waste, we have ‘slash pits’ located on Pioneer and on London Hunt.

I see you have an airport, what kind of aircraft can land in Timberon?
Small planes and helicopters. For more info, click here www.airport-data.com/airport/52NM/

I want to purchase real estate in Timberon – where can I find more information about property or homes available for sale?
The TDC has parcels available for bid, and can be found on the Land For Sale page.
Our local Real Estate Agency is Roberts Realty (575) 987-2440

What are the requirements for putting a septic system on my property in Timberon?
New Mexico Environmental contact for this area is Michael Montoya NMENV (575) 288-2050 or (575) 649-4107.
Another resource is the New Mexico Environment Department website for the most current information on residential and commercial requirements for septic systems.

A Community Profile for Timberon, NM can be found here.

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