Community Action Plan (CAP)

Timberon adopted the first Community Action Plan (CAP) in 2002.

The Timberon Development Council updated the CAP in 2009. The goal of updating the Community Action Plan of 2002 is to give a current, accurate portrayal of Timberon as a community and to gauge and determine the desires of the community for future development efforts. The updated CAP will assist with grant-writing efforts aimed at securing funding for development activity.

Download the approved 2009CAP

In 2013, a new community survey was taken for the purpose of revisting the needs and opinions of  the Timberon community, landowners, and interested parties.  It was finalized in January 2014, and added to the existing CAP.  You may download a copy here CAP_2009_with_2013_survey_revisions (the survey results are on the last two pages).  The Timberon Development Council would like to thank everyone who took time to complete the survey.  Your input was valuable, and very much appreciated.